Monday, March 3, 2014



One of the pitfalls of 3D printing is errors in the models that don't meet the requirements of the materials being used to print.

I received the below message from Shapeways today:

Hello 1958mga,
After taking a closer look, we cannot print one of the models in order XXXXXX (placed on 03/01/2014).
  • We've credited $7.44 to your account.
  • You may be able to update and print your model based on the information below.
If you have questions or concerns contact us at: We're happy to talk with you about these rejected models before you update them.
Model: Metropolitan Support Brace Sprue 3.5 1
Materials Affected:
We cannot print your model due to: Thin Walls. Here are some details to help you resolve this issue:
The minimum supported wall thickness is > 0.3mm for this material. Please thicken the walls of the model. 


This is for the support braces on the Met Columns:

The support isn't symmetrical if you flip it 180 degrees ... that is, it is longer than it is tall. So, in order to make a mold and eventual casting easier, I decided to make a "mirror" image of the part on a sprue (so I only have to print once):

The model on the left is the model that I made second ... and I now realize I made the thickness too thin ... 1/2" in O scale.

The fix will be easy and take about a minute ... just some pulling of the surfaces to thicken things up. Its just annoying that I have to re-upload and make a new order for this one part.

At least Shapeways was kind enough to send a picture with the problem areas so the fix will be easier.

Oh well!

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