Saturday, February 22, 2014

Updates in all dimensions and projects

Not a lot of actual work has been done on the layout. Rather, I've been working on my 3D models. I've been correcting some issues on my 4000 series baldie cars and refining the drawings for my Met L structure models.

Some pictures of the current versions of the 4000 series baldies:

Again, the plain is to have the baldies done in a couple of different styles - as delivered, modernized, etc. The 3D models are about 95% done, I've just got to work out some door control details.

As for the Met L structure, I've finished the cross girder and column drawings:

The plan with the Met L structure is to have masters printed, then make molds and cast all the structure out of resin to speed constructions. The girders will be scratchbuilt from styrene and also cast. Those are too large to print.

I've also posted an update video of Youtube, which shows my first test print samples for the 4000's and Met L columns:

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  1. I'm really liking your model work. Are you going to print the shells whole or break them up into components? Just curious as I've had varying degrees of success with SketchUp and Shapeways.

    Look forward to more progress.