Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Start the new year right!

The weather is always nice in the basement, with heavy traffic on the North side main line:

Actually, not a lot of progress has been made on the layout itself. The traffic jam is just caused by a lack of train storage / yard space.

Some plumbing issues (new water softener and associated plumbing) cast into doubt whether I'd be able to continue with my expansion around my basement room. Luckily, as shown below, I was able to artfully (?) rearrange some new pipe work to clear my removable section of bench work. It worked out so well, I didn't even need to remove the section during the softener installation and was able to use it to hold tools and supplies!

I can even open the lid to add salt without moving anything! Beyond the pipe work is the shelf structure that will carry the double track main line to the new section of bench work and the Logan Square terminal.

Below is a view back towards the Sheridan Road station and fuse box curve. All the bench work in this area is removable for access to the utilities (I have a sump pump buried in the corner back there). I need to level the corner module as its slightly out of level as shown by the lean of the white (unfinished styrene and brick sheets) apartment building.

The connection between the two sections isn't elaborate ... just a bolt holding things together.

All the sections are bolted together, finger tight, so if I ever need to access something it only takes about 5 minutes to take everything down. So far I haven't needed to do that. The door to the main fuse box has had the hinges removed and is now held in place with magnets. That way, I don't need to move the elevated structure if I need to access the panel. 

And, just some views of a cleaner (?) layout room:

Also, I am still working out some minor details on the CRT 4000's. Below are some 3D drawings of a baldie. Note that I put the wrong ends (plushie ends on a baldie car) on. Each piece (ends, sides and roof) is a separate 3D model that I just combined. I just picked the wrong end, but you get the idea.

I still have some dimensional issues to work out, but once I get that squared away, its off to Shapeways for the printing of a new prototype!


  1. The sceniced areas look fantastic. Really coming together with those scratch built structures.
    The 3D model work is very impressive. You will get there.
    The EL structure is wonderful.

  2. Not that I have anything against tinplate, but the trains just don't do your structures, scenery and overall look and feel of the layout justice! I'm in the planning stages of an HO el layout, except it's Brooklyn in the 30's and am following your progress (particularly as it pertains to structures and Shapeways experiences) closely.

    Very much look forward to more updates.