Sunday, October 7, 2012

Laser like precision

I just got back my laser cut railings and station canopy supports from Monster Model Works. The parts came out really nice and made making one side of the station real easy. I'll start with the final product:

I am attempting to model a generic Ravenswood style of station. Right now all I have done is the railings and the canopy.

I have to say it was a pleasure working with Jimmy Simmons of Monster Model Works, the link to the website is Monster Model Works . I made drawings of the railing and canopy in Corel Draw 4 and Jimmy was able to cut the railings out of .020" laser board and the canopy supports out of 1/8" acrylic. I am looking forward to working with Jimmy again as it really was a pleasure working with him and the quality of the laser cutting was phenomenal.

The canopy supports (four for each side):

And the railings (all on one sheet):

And cut out:

I then add .080" Evergreen L angles to the top and bottom, and make the posts out of .100" square Evergreen styrene.

The below shows the before paint view:

Making the railing sections this way REALLY made construction easy! To complete the one platform took about 6 total hours, which for me is pretty quick.

Below are some more views of the station. I still need to add the stairways to the station house, which accounts for the large holes in the platform. I also need to add signs, advertisements and lights. That will "color" things up as right now there is a lot of white going on (and yes, its rather dirty and some rust is evident ... this is supposed to be pre-Brown line renovation) ...

I did a basic "tar paper" roof on the canopy (painters tape painted flat black.

Also, recently there was an accident on the Red Line where a train had an interesting splitting of a switch/tracks. I re-created the incident on the layout for accident investigation purposes ...

Luckily there were no injuries reported. 


  1. In regards to your point spliting EL train, in Melbourne 'tram drifting' is the latest fad.
    Scroll down to the photos.

    regards Glenn

  2. It still looks like I'm looking at my childhood past when I see your setup. I remember taking those trains and the stations look great! I wish I could do that!