Monday, August 27, 2012

MTH 6200 Bicentennials

As mentioned in the previous post, i just obtained a set of MTH 6200's in the MTH version of the Bicentennial paint scheme. The paint scheme really isn't prototypically accurate, but the price was right and the detail is actually pretty good on these cars. Maybe one day I will repaint to something more my liking.

I still need to do some paint touch ups on the new two flat as can be seen in the close up photos.

One last:

I am still experimenting with depth of field and exposure for the "under the tracks" shots.

Thanks again


  1. Great set. I think I talked to you about those Bicentennial cars cause I have them also. If you do repaint them let me know if you fine the CTA decals for them. Thanks!

  2. Don't know if you got last comment from me, but on an older post you had someones 3200s on your track. Do you know where he go the old C.T.A. logos? I've looked everywhere! Also is there a demand for the 6200s, cause I can't find them anywhere! Just want to know in case I have to sell mine. Thanks!

  3. Antonio: The 3200's are by MTH. Both the silver and the silver/grey are Protosound 1 MTH's from ebay. The 2000's ... now those are 2 rail St. Petersburg Tram Co. models. They won't run on the three rail. Those belong to Ed Halstead who was kind enough to bring to take some pictures. They are very pricey ... I think Chicagoland Hobby has an unpowered set for $700. The going rate for MTH 6200 is about $250 - $300 on ebay. That's about what I paid for both my sets. They do seem to sell, so they might go for more $$$. As for decals ... I know of no source for O scale CTA decals unfortunately. Island Model Works makes some really nice HO Decals for CTA, but alas, no O scale.