Friday, August 10, 2012

Expansion - turning a corner!

I finally turned a corner ... literally. I have started the expansion of the current layout. So far, its just a 2 x 4 foot corner module, but its a start.

Since this corner is full of utilities, the module is removable. Its a little (half inch) lower than the rest of the benchwork so I can access the main fuse panel without needing to remove the module. I will add some plywood to act as a transition between the module and the existing benchwork.

In the above pictures you can see the paper templates of Ross sectional track that I used to make sure I could turn the corner. The curve fits barely. 

I don't think I'll have a backdrop here as I still need to build a shelf above this for the basement TV (a must have for Cubs and Bears games). I'm thinking I'll just do some building flats.

The track will be on elevated structure that will be removable for easy access to the fuse panel if needed, plus the whole module is removable.

I'm not sure how I will connect the existing structure to the new curved structure. I may just line the two up and use the track as a guide ... or maybe some type of tab or key. I want to make the elevated curved structure easy and quick to remove for access to the fuse panel. I need to clean up the wiring to my home network stuff that can be seen in the last picture.

This is one big advantage of rapid transit 3 rail modelling ... I can turn an O scale corner is less than two feet and still look like the prototype!

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  1. I would try to avoid the TV in the basement for the baseball/football, if it is a tight game nothing gets done on the layout, that's why I have a radio next to Victoria Street for aussie rules footy and the races just chattering away, if it looks like it is starting to get interesting I wil go down stairs and watch it. Keep up the good work