Monday, July 16, 2012

Visitors to the layout

This past Sunday, Eric Bronsky and Dan Joseph were kind enough to take the long trek out to the beautiful, if drought ravaged southwestern suburbs to visit the layout. Eric brought a gorgeous St. Petersburgh trolley bus and Dan some MTH NYC subway cars. A good time was had by all and many interesting (esp. with the NYC subway cars) pictures were taken.

It was quite appropriate that Eric made a visit to my layout as his article on Chicago's L in a 1976 issue of Model Railroader got me started in this business. I was given that issue as a kid by my uncle and have kept it ever since ... its just a little worse for the wear now. Also, Eric's modeling column in First and Fastest that showed Chicago transit modeling has also been quite the inspiration. Without showing the beautiful work of all those who have been featured, I don't think I would be where I am today. 

Now for the pictures ...


  1. Very nice, and I'll have to check out that old issue of MRR.

  2. Hi:
    Great layout! Not sure if you can contact me via email from the information you receive in this comment... but if you can, I'd love to talk to you offline about your work.

    1. If my profile doesn't give you enough info, you can get in touch with me via the contact page on The Model Railway Show web site: