Sunday, July 8, 2012

Continued work on residential buildings

Since there was a big expanse of blue background behind the two flat, I scrounged some brick sheets and made a quick background apartment building. I made this 3 and half stories to act more as a photo backdrop.

It isn't quite finished, but you can see the overall idea. It's a "half" building that sits up against the backdrop.

The two flat is mostly done now ... the doors are finally done, windows glued in and plastic glazing added.

I need to finish the back porch and add some roof details. So far no mortar has been added. I've been experimenting with various techniques, but haven't decided if I am going to add it. I guess my adding of the windows and glass kind of complicates the adding of the mortar. Oh well.

I guess when you take a summer "staycation" and its 105 degrees out, there isn't much to do but to work on the layout. Nice to make some progress.