Sunday, April 8, 2012

Phase 1 Structure Complete!

All the structure and track work for the first phase of the layout is complete! I plan on building the complete layout in sections, and this first section, the L shaped 9 x 17 is done! The final section of structure is painted (but, alas, not weathered) and the removable return loop is done. The initial wiring is done and a train can now run "out and back".

A view towards the return loop, through the wall

The removable return loop. It sits in the entrance of the crawl space.
In addition to completing the track work, I did a little scenery around the auto repair shop. I'm using a new dirt ground cover called "Diorama Dirt" by Monster Model Works. I do like the natural color and the fact that it doesn't darken when you glue it. I need to add a little more grass to "green" things up.

Note that I FINALLY got a coat of brick covered paint on the factory on the left. Its been in unpainted white styrene for almost a year.

Some more views:

A couple of views down the tracks:

And finally, since the track structure is done, a photo tour of the layout. This view is looking at the layout as you walk into the room, looking from right to leftt.
Sheridan Road station and street

Factory curve

Residential area and cross street

Park and Cabrini Green

New station and cross street

Short straight into return loop.
Not the biggest layout, but when you build all elevated, it takes a lot longer and a smaller layout can actually be finished.

Next steps are to start on the new station and install the wooden center catwalks on the track.

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