Friday, December 23, 2011

O Scale Cabrini Green Housing Projects

One iconic / infamous set of buildings on Chicago's near north side were the Cabrini Green housing projects. The Ravenswood ran along side the projects and the projects were featured in the opening credits to the TV's hit TV show "Good Times".

With this, I felt I had to have at least one of the classic Cabrini Green projects on my layout. It is a part of Chicago's history ... since they have been torn down.

The original:

My version, still under construction, is made of 1 / 4" MDF (very versatile!) covered in paper. The building images were made using Evan's Designs Model Maker building with textures obtained from

Model Builder isn't the best program, but it gets the job done. Eventually I will add a recessed entry way (the large hole at the base), some additional textures for molding around the top and add some scenery around the base. In front of the L tracks I plan on putting an urban park consisting of a basketball court.

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