Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to build L structure, part 1

I have based my L structure on the Chicago L prototype. It is designed to be built easily, with minimal cost and sturdy enough to support MTH O Scale subway trains.

When building L structure, you first need to decide on what style you wish to build.

The above graphic shows a couple of different two track styles. Depending on your prototype, additional tracks can be added as needed.

Type A has the columns directly under the centerlines of the tracks. This is a typical style for Chicago's L's that run in alleys as there isn't room for a street underneath.

Type B has the columns spaced at the outer edge of the track. A street can be placed underneath as the columns would sit in the street as on either the Wells or Wabash legs of Chicago's Loop.

Type C has the columns spaced further apart. This would be used for a street, either placing the columns on the sidewalk/curb or in the street.

Whatever you chose, decide on what type you want to build before you start. This way the length of the cross girders can be predetermined.

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