Sunday, March 22, 2015

Almost ready for the paint shop

I started working on the Balide model again, and have finished the roof vents over the doors and re-applied the door drip guards:

While not 100% prototypical accurate, they get the job done. The vent is made of .010" styrene and the drip guards are .030" square styrene. Also note that the Sterns and Wards couplers have been attached as have the other larger rood vents. I've also filled the gaps in the ends with glazing compound.

Now that this is done, its pretty much ready to be sent off to the paint shop. And as luck has it, the weather has finally started warming up so may be able to paint in the garage soon! This particular car will be painted in the more modern CTA green and cream paint scheme.

In other developments, I've been making steady progress on the new commercial building.

The stone trim has been added to the front of the building. I like to paint and mortar the bricks before addling the trim as it makes for a neater installation.

The back of the building has also been painted and weathered at the same time. I may have overdone the weathering a bit on this side, but I wanted this to be rather grungy. It turned out well.

The windows have been set in the front:

And the stone trim has been added to the back of the building:

I also obtained at the Chicago O Scale March Meet a white/pot metal body of a North Shore coach.

Its currently sitting on shop trucks and I've started filling some of the imperfections with the casting with auto body glazing compound.

I will most likely convert this to a CA&E car as these were later lent (then sold) to the CA&E.

But .. question ... does anyone know who made these bodies? There are no markings so I was rather curious. I forgot to ask when I purchased the body.


  1. Having taken my fair share of walks through a number of Chicago's alleys, I can say that the weathering on the back of that building isn't overdone, it's brilliant.

    Ah, so you ended up buying that North Shore wood. Glad to see that it went to a good home (and that it'll probably end up as a CA&E car). Unfortunately I didn't ask about the manufacturer either.

  2. The wooden CNS&M car may be a Grzyna body. It dates from about the 1950's or so. Terry, I'll tell you how to pronounce the name the next time I see you.

    The in-the-roof grills were only on the #1 end of the car. Making this grill is the topic of the post being worked on now for my blog. It should be posted in 2-3 days. This post will also cover the rain guards over the doors.

    Cheers, Ed