Saturday, January 10, 2015

Urban Renewl ... Part 4

Work continues ... although now at a slower pace ... on the new commercial block.

The sides have been cut and added to the front:

The side walls will have no windows. Once wall will face the L station, so definitely no windows there. The other will have some advertisements, so no need either.

Don't be skimpy with interior bracing. I've found that you really can't over-brace. Use all the scraps from the window cut outs:

Once the side walls were attached, I cut the roof out of 0.040" styrene and attached that to the shell.

I'll be adding additional bracing to the roof shortly.

Next up, I cut out the windows and doors to the back wall:

I used a combination of the doors and windows I had on hand (all cast resin from scratch built masters). I decided to use solid panel doors for the stores as security wouldn't recommend windows in the doors. I will next brace the back of this part to stiffen the joints then skin it with brick sheeting.

It was asked what brick sheets I use. I currently do the majority of my buildings with N Scale Architect O Scale Modern Brick Sheets:

The N Scale Architect

I highly recommend these sheets for the following reasons:

  • Size: 10" x 14": This helps eliminate seams in your buildings. Some seams are always possible, but this large size definitely helps
  • Quality: I've yet to get a bad sheet (I've ordered over a dozen sheets). The quality is consistent throughout the sheet ... no "fading" towards the edges.
  • Ease of cutting: Being 0.020", these are very easy to cut.
  • Cost: Well, $10 a sheet isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. So ... they (N Scale Architect) do have volume pricing which can get the sheets down to $8 each. And, once you start, you wont stop building so the more the better!

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