Thursday, May 16, 2013

Success in all three dimensions

Aside from home improvements (650 square feet of hardwood floor laid, 100 more to go!), I've still been experimenting with 3D modeling

I've experienced some success with making a sample of an anticlimber I hope to use on my 4000 model.

I just received the print out from Shapeways and am pleasantly happy with the results ...

This picture shows the printout next to an MTH 6000 series. I just did this as a test to see how it would turn out and experiment with rivet sizes. The rivets are 3/4" in circumference and 1/2" tall.

A closer view shows more detail:

I sprayed the part with grey automotive primer so the details would stand out. The surface appears rougher than it actually is. The dimples on the ends are guide holes I will use to drill for grab irons.

With this test successful, I'm continuing to model the rest of the car end and hope to have a completed, printed car end in about a month.


  1. Frosted ultra detail will yield a cleaner surface.

  2. You can sprue several parts together to get the cost right down, saves on all the per-part set-up fees! I can't tell you how, I'm sorry to say - I use microstation, don't know beans about (s)ketchup. Regards, Paul, Whangarei, NZ.