Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too much junk?

Over the last few years I collected quite a few CTA signs. Most were bought from the Illinois Railway Museum, some from Ebay. Unfortunately things got a little out of control. Below are some pictures of just some of the stuff I have. Most of the walls of my basement room dedicated to trains is covered in signs and hanging from the ceiling. Plus, a couple of more out in the garage. These are old pictures, so some rearranging has happened.

I have absolutely no more room for any more signs. A nice system map has just been moved to the garage unfortunately.

The only last remaining item I'd like to get is a seat from a train. Not a rattan one, but one of the plastic kind from a 2600 series. Spent a lot of time in those seats.

The roll sign is lighted from behind. I built a plywood box with a plexiglass front window. The front cover is hinged and I can change the destinations.
Englewood / Howard
Not sure why Skokie Swift is in blue

Fare counter, still works and the bell is very loud!

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