Sunday, October 23, 2022

Return Loop Installed

 The return loop and mini-yard have been installed in the basement. I can finally store some trains and turn a train around. Eventually I'll be building a terminal station between two of the tracks.

The above picture shows the connection. In this photo, just a piece of plywood bridges the gap.

I've since added a section of elevated structure to bridge the gap. The track in this section still needs to be detailed - add third rails, add guard rails, paint and weather.

The above is a view of the completed structure. At some point I'll add a retaining wall to cover the end of the return loop module. 

Turnout control is via Touch Toggles and I've created a rudimentary control panel. The turnouts are controlled via LED touch toggles in the track plan, the two toggles on the left are pending wiring for reverse movement signals. I envision having to manually release an outbound train via manually toggling the signals. 

Some never finished projects seem to hang out now in the yard:

I've also been trying to finish the structure for the stairs. This has been rather difficult as all the parts don't quite fit as well together as I'd like. I'll be adding roofs and lighting to the stairs. Right now I'm just trying to get the structure in place. 

And finally, some of the wood cars paid a quick trip around the layout:

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