Saturday, April 9, 2022

Car Projects in the Works

 Now as I'm attempting to get back into a habit of posting, here's a sample of some of the cars that hopefully will make a trip to the paint shop soon ...

A three car train of CNS&M cars, with a diner in the middle:

A CNS&M wood coach. I'll be updating this with the roof mats and 3rd rail beams to run on the elevated:

One of three CA&E cars:

This car was of particular challenge: As received, it was built to proto-48 gauge. So, to get to at least pose on the L, I had to de-solder the trucks and ever so slightly pull the wheel sets to normal (?) standard O gauge. Then, I soldered the trucks back together. For now that'll do until I decide how I'll power these. 

One item of concern is car storage. I'm rapidly running out of room:

Pay no heed to the Stooges, they just keep an eye on things. But I've got my Evanston 1-50 Car just chilling, plus 2 sets of Car Works 6000's, one flat door and one curved door. As its my railroad - I've chosen Mint Green and Alpine White for one set and Spirit of Chicago Grey for another. 

A print by Mitch Markovitz of CSL 144 also keeps watch on things.  

The rest of the fleet lives in a bookcase. 

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