Thursday, August 30, 2018

Its been awhile ... but now a dedicated layout room!

Apologies for the length between posts, but, as often happens in life, things change. Since my last post, I've moved from Chicago's West Loop to a more layout friendly space in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. As a bonus, I now have a dedicated layout room. While small for your typical bedroom, and certainly not a basement empire, it will suit my needs for now. It goes to show that small spaces (8 x 12 in this case) shouldn't impede a layout.

So far, I have arranged my two modules into an L shape via a recently constructed corner module. I am sticking with a modular set up for ease of portability.

At least now I have a dedicated space to work and make a mess! I haven't decided if I'll try to complete the "around the room" layout yet, but I am greatly tempted. 

Now that I'm settled, I hope to be able to post more soon.

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