Saturday, April 8, 2017

End module ideas and roster additions

One significant disadvantage of my current residential situation it that I have quite limited space. However, I would like to explore some options on how I could add a return loop (just for the streetcar trackage, not the elevated) to my modules.

Using the program Templot, I printed out a 2.5 turnout and some 12" radius curves and mocked up a terminal / return loop.

In the above photo, the track has been laid out using paper templates. The section of paper to the right represents the width of my current module and where the track is to be positioned.

This terminal loop would be nicely prototypical as I could model a terminus. However, the "lobe" and required width of the module (imaging the bottom of the photo being the wall ... no space on that side) would be way too wide for my space. It would stick too far out into my limited living space.

As another option, I laid a 12" radius curve over the printouts to see if this would fit better.

As shown in the above photo, I'll still use the same 2.5 turnouts but now the return loop will cross the double track main line. I'll need to add another 2.5 turnout to the other track, But, this configuration is a much more efficient use of the limited space I have. Thus, I've decided to pursue this option.

To begin, I laid some templates out on a piece of plywood:

And I began laying the curved section of track first.

Unfortunately that is as far as I've gotten. Stay tuned for more.

In other news, I've added a few new cars to the roster:

The additions are:

  • Two CA&E 450's, Miller kits, both with Wagner power trucks
  • CNS&M Brill Coach, Clouser body (modified to be a Brill), unpowered
  • CNS&M # 411, scatchbuilt, powered
However, being of limited yard space, I had to get very creative in storage of the new additions. So? On top of the kitchen cabinets for now. Luckily I do not cook much.

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  1. I haven't been here in a good while. However, I am impressed with what you've done so far. I will be back again and again to see how you're doing. You do amazing work and I'm a fan of the CNS&M RR and the CTA. Keep up the outstanding work. You have great talent!