Wednesday, July 20, 2016


From the ashes arises new and better things!

So, after a location switch, I've finally gotten established in my new home. The modules are set up, the models unpacked and some buildings are out of long term storage.

I'm doing two straight modules, each 6 feet long and 20" wide, The height is rather high at 56" but that was done intentionally. My last layout was rather high and I really liked the effect at looking at the models. Another reason as to why the modules are so high is so that I can fit lots (all the tools and equipment) underneath. 

In the above photo, you can see (from left to right): worktable - with my sheet of glass of cutting, the pressure pot for casting, the air compressor for air brushing and casting (ultra quiet variety), two Ikea storage cabinets for parts and material storage, a metal cabinet for chemical and paint storage, and finally a bookcase with all my traction magazines nicely stashed away. This all fits in a space 20" wide by 12 feet long.

As for space, I certainly do not have a lot. BUT ... never let space get in the way of your modeling! I've decided that modeling and my hobbies are a priority in my life (for my own mental health!) and the modules fit within my lifestyle. A view of my living room:

As long as I keep it orderly, I'm happy to share my living space with my hobby. By the way, it makes for a great conversation piece and all the ladies love it. It shows creativity!

The plan is to do at least one module as Wells Street in the Loop. I'm going to model the Loop style of elevated along with two street car tracks underneath.

Right now, its just great to have my models unpacked and visible.

Goals (in addition to working on this new layout/modules) are:

  • Additional 3D printed cars
  • Using the 3D prints as masters for casting
  • Making molds and casting for Loop elevated structure
  • Making more realistic store fronts and buildings
  • Learning to hand lay track
And, most importantly, all now is 2 RAIL! No more 3 rail for me!

I only have one small problem, the view and outside distractions of my new neighborhood are mighty indeed!

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  1. Yay! Glad you're up and running (metaphorically if not actually, yet) again. And don't forget there's still plenty of room underneath for a subway.