Saturday, December 19, 2015

Progress for Mid December 2015

With the holiday season in full swing, time to work on the various layout projects has diminished. However, I've managed to make some small steps forward ...

First off, I've revamped some of the lighting on the new currency exchange building. I will be adding detailed interiors to the second floor of this building, but until I can finish that, I've added some window signs and some frosted paper behind to block the view.

I'm using Woodland Scenics' LED lighting kit to light this (and the station house for the Sheridan Road station) building. It's somewhat pricey, but very easy to install and being able to dim each light is nice.

Further down the line at the Sheridan Road curve, I've added some additional details to the apartment buildings there.

I still need to add ground cover in the above scenes ... but at least the buildings are mostly done.

I've also glued in the windows to the apartment building and added glazing and some shades.

This is really supposed to be a building on a main street, but it does fit here. I guess it was just poor planning on the part of the developer to face the facade of the building right onto the elevated tracks. Best that you keep the windows closed in the summer.

The reinforced concrete brick structure behind the station has been finished to a point where it can be put back on the layout:

I'll be adding some signs to the side of the building to break up the large expanse of brick.

In the car shops, the trucks have finally been placed under the Northwestern motor that I finished painting (well almost, still need to add the black to the anti-climbers) last month. Its slow but steady progress.

I also got semi-ambitious and decided to clear the cobwebs from underneath the structure. I have to do this from time to time as it does take on the look of a haunted house after some time.

And lastly, I tried to slip my Iphone onto the Southport Station platform, and using the front facing camera, take a few photos. Its harder than it sounds as you can't really see what you are taking ... but a few turned out ok.

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  1. Your layout just keeps getting better and better. Especially look forward to the el construction series.

    Best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year.