Monday, October 5, 2015

A slow weekend

College and pro football are finally in full swing, so I was hoping to give the TV in the train room a workout while working on projects.

Alas, not much done.

Just some sights on the North Side...

But ... all was not lost. I've finally decided to work again on the new commercial building next to the Sheridan Road station. I've decided to detail the interior of the two storefronts.

Right now the interiors are just set inside the building. I still need to add windows, signs, some doors and some additional details.

On the right will be a new currency exchange. It has three cashier windows and the ever necessary security guard.

 On the left will be a carry out fast food / burger / gryos place.

Neither are super detailed, but they will at least offer some additional detail to the building.

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