Thursday, April 23, 2015

The zombie slowly rises ... or, the 4000 is back in paint

Not a lot of progress, but one coat of "test" paint has been applied to the previously smashed Q-Car 4000 series body.

I call this a "test" paint scheme as I had to custom mix the cream color. So far, under a couple of different lighting conditions, I am happy with the progress. I wasn't sure as to how the cream would turn out, so I figured I could use the zombie car as a test. Worst case, I felt I could always strip the paint from the car.

The cream is Tru-Color white and Tru-Colo L&N Action Yellow (any normal yellow would do, I just had this kind. Eight drops of yellow per half jar of white ... or just until it looks "right" ... its a judgement call. The green is Tru-Color Reading Green and the roof is Rustoleum Dark Grey primer (I just like the grey).

The Q-Car plushie (sans trucks) matches up  well with the 3D printed Baldie. There are some minor differences, but the two car types were not identical.

I am leaning towards painting my entire 4000 series the green and cream paint scheme as I just think its a nicer color than the brown and orange. I will, however, do my two car Northwestern train in brown and orange. And, my one orphan prototype 1.0 Baldie with a plushie roof (a initial test of 3D printing with a few errors) will remain in brown and orange.

In other progress, the retail store for the Sheridan Road curve finally has back and side walls along with a roof.

This, along with my other structures currently in progress, will hopefully be finished in the near future!

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