Thursday, October 2, 2014

A few months progress ... Pt 4

It seemed like all I was working on over the past few months was either repainting the MTH 6200's or the 3D modeling. 

So, a few weeks back, I decided I needed to start building some structures for the layout.

So, to the left of my Southport Station, I decided to begin construction of two apartment building backs.

First up is a rather large three and a half story building:

This is just a plain back to a typical court yard building.The walls are styrene covered in N Scale Architect brick sheets and the doors and windows are scratch built and cast from resin. Eventually there will be a three story porch where the doors are. That will be built from strip wood. This building is a bit large at almost 30 inches long.

To the right of this building is a small apartment building rear:

This is a rather narrow building, so I imagine that the apartments are studios rather than the more spacious two and three bedroom apartments next door. I have begun construction of the back porch for this building. Currently its about 50% complete and just set against the building (that accounts for the crookedness).

These buildings are designed as a "back drop" to the tracks so that photos of cars can pop more. Some test photos:

In addition to these background buildings, I'm still working on my new section of elevated track. On this structure, the girders are made from resin castings, for which the masters were made from styrene and rivets.The corner braces are 3D prints, which I made a mold and also made castings. The columns are various styrene shapes with rivet strips.

Even though I am still using resin castings for the girders, the time of construction has been very long. That's mostly due to the fact that I just haven't been working on it very much. I still need to add bracing in between the girders and some other details.

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