Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to build L structure - new station - part 5

I have completed all the support girders for the platforms for the new station. 

Right  now I am adding the cross bracing on the girders, while using a train to maintain the proper spacing between the train/track and the girders.

But, alas, construction again has come to a halt as I am out of materials again.

The cross bracing will tie all the support girders together. They will just rest on top of the track structure. That way, everything can be removed for working on each component part.

Also, a quick weekend project has been added ... a basketball court for my Cabrini Green housing projects. This was my first try at making chain link fence, so its a little rough. But, that goes with the neighborhood. Eventually I'll fully scenic around the court and make a small park.

I still need to finish the housing project in the background, paint and weather the L structure, cover the ground, add sidewalks ... a whole lot to do. As with any model railroad, you've got to finish the trackwork first.

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  1. I'm following this with great interest and expectations of the end result. Not to put you under any pressure you understand, just in the pursuit of the different and inspirational.