Tuesday, April 5, 2022

 Post Pandemic Progress - Or has it been FOUR YEARS?

Yikes ... time does slip by, doesn't it? Anyhow, another new layout has been started, this time based off of the Metropolitan West Side Douglas Park elevated.

But, let's cut to the chase with pictures. This is 2 rail O scale and a combination of 3D printed parts are cast resin parts made from molds.

General build process: Girders are cast resin, all else 3D printed.

These above photos are the general build process. With these basic components, the overall structure is created. I've also created a model of a generic Met station ... loosely based on the Kedzie Ave. stop.

And, from these plans, about 15 feet of structure is completed.

Everything is still under a lot of construction. 

Also - all is currently Dead Rail via battery powered Bluerail bluetooth control boards.

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