Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Revised Two Flat, Part 2

Progress is coming along on the two flat: all four walls are now done and a roof has been added. Right now I am working on the wall caps (the kind with tiles that are laid horizontally). I am casting the caps out of resin, but I only have one mold (I seemed to have lost the master). It was taken from the top of an Ameritown wall section.

 The wall cap is on the side wall ... not glued down yet. I am using resin that takes 16 hours (yes, 16 hours) to cure so I can cast one 6 inch section a day. I cast more windows at the same time.

 No front door yet as I goofed on my door castings. I made them too small. I will just probably make those in place.

 The windows are all separate castings. So, actual construction of the shell has gone pretty quickly at least for my standards. 
 Of course being in Chicago we need a back porch. I am winging this .... no plans, so its coming out a little shaky and probably not up to code. But, that is kind of the look I am going for ... somewhat dilapidated ... since that's what you see out of the windows of the train. I will put a roof on the porch. The next building will have an enclosed porch ... much easier to build.

There are no windows along the side next to the tracks (except on the bay/sun room on the front - all three sides have windows). I didn't think the builder would put those in since usually the L was built before the homes in the neighborhood.

 My windows are about as basic as you can get, but I am just trying to capture that "look" of a Chicago style double hung. No storm windows here ... better hope heat is included.

All in all not bad for a week's worth of work. I will eventually build another two flat across the street and some "halves" on the other side of the tracks up against the back drop.

This building was more to learn what works and what doesn't. I learned about casting the windows out of resin and meet with OK success. I also worked on some brick overlay methods. With this knowledge, hopefully the next building will turn out better. I use it as a learning experience mostly.

I did borrow design elements from BJ Traction and DSLShops to capture that specific Chicago style. However, since BJ Traction kits are no longer in production and DSL Shops' kits are S scale, I don't think they should mind too much. I do thank them for the inspiration.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Revised Two Flat

A couple of weeks ago in the post "Misadventures in Casting", I showed a couple of pictures of a Chicago style two flat I am attempting to construct.

Well, true to my modeling style, I always build things twice. I didn't like the proportions of that building so I started over. I was going to recast the windows but I've decided just to use the ones I made.

I don't build from any plans, so its kind of made up as I go. I just go by what looks right and what fits the space. It seems to work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glacial progress

They say a glacier moves in inches ... well sometimes progress on the layout does the same.

Still chugging along with building railings for the station. Need to sand, paint, weather and attach.

Its a slow go, but will eventually get done.

As I said in the progress video, most of the center catwalks are now done. A view down the tracks.

No "true" third rail, but it still is three rail, in a way.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Update Video for June 10

Just posted an update video ... just some shots from around the layout.

Its summer finally, so tough to get things done.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plans and station progress

I've decided to take a short break from casting. I corresponded with Wes Moreland, who was kind enough to give me some really helpful hints. I am going to redo my masters and give it another go in a little while.

However, in the meantime, I came up with a very rough not to scale track plan. The current track plan of the layout follows (not to scale.

I am working an a pretty small space, about 12 x 18. Eventually I hope to expand along the walls. The proposed plan is:

The sections of the layout from A to B will need to be on removable sections to clear various utilities. The expansion will have an elevated small yard (tracks A and B), an elevated shop, and a terminal station above a street similar to 63rd and Cottage Grove. The removable sections will be modeled as if on fill (like North side main line). All other new trackage will be on elevated structure.

As for my new station, I finally finished all the decking and have started on the railing. I am scratch building the railing out of styrene. I was originally going to have it laser cut, but I figured I'd somehow goof the drawings up and it wouldn't work. So, I'm attempting it the old fashioned way.

So far, about a foot done, and about 5 more to go. I've still got to add some more details, paint and do some sanding, but its pretty much as it will be. Apologies for the poor photos, taken quickly with my phone.

I will add lights (probably non-functioning), station signs and advertising later. And another big thanks to Wes Moreland who was kind enough to share the dimensions of the railings he made for his Llayout. My railing is based off of his dimensions. Thanks Wes!