Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plans and station progress

I've decided to take a short break from casting. I corresponded with Wes Moreland, who was kind enough to give me some really helpful hints. I am going to redo my masters and give it another go in a little while.

However, in the meantime, I came up with a very rough not to scale track plan. The current track plan of the layout follows (not to scale.

I am working an a pretty small space, about 12 x 18. Eventually I hope to expand along the walls. The proposed plan is:

The sections of the layout from A to B will need to be on removable sections to clear various utilities. The expansion will have an elevated small yard (tracks A and B), an elevated shop, and a terminal station above a street similar to 63rd and Cottage Grove. The removable sections will be modeled as if on fill (like North side main line). All other new trackage will be on elevated structure.

As for my new station, I finally finished all the decking and have started on the railing. I am scratch building the railing out of styrene. I was originally going to have it laser cut, but I figured I'd somehow goof the drawings up and it wouldn't work. So, I'm attempting it the old fashioned way.

So far, about a foot done, and about 5 more to go. I've still got to add some more details, paint and do some sanding, but its pretty much as it will be. Apologies for the poor photos, taken quickly with my phone.

I will add lights (probably non-functioning), station signs and advertising later. And another big thanks to Wes Moreland who was kind enough to share the dimensions of the railings he made for his Llayout. My railing is based off of his dimensions. Thanks Wes!

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