Friday, March 24, 2017

Track Layout

Since I live in downtown Chicago, space for an O scale layout is certainly at a premium. My layout will consist of two modules, 6 feet long by approximately 20 inches wide.

To keep things interesting and simple, so far the plan will be for a combination of streetcar trackage plus elevated overhead. The streetcar track will consist of two parallel tracks with a cross over at each end of each module.

The style of elevated structure has yet to be determined, but I'm now leaning more towards Lake Street elevated as that would give me the most amount of clearance under the tracks. I would build the eastern style that has the columns at curbside.

The layout of the track:

At hen end of each module, as mentioned above, will be a crossover. I'll leave enough room to park a car at each end also after the turnout. 

I've decided to use # 3 turnouts with a track spacing of 3.25 inches. The templates for the # 3's were drawn with the track layout CAD program Templot. This program is certainly challenging to use, but I was able to persevere and get it to at least print a number 3. I certainly think the CSL equipment I have shouldn't have a problem negotiating this crossover.

The # 3 paper templates will also be used to construct the turnouts using Right-O-Way single point switch castings. Details on how I did that will follow in the next post.

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