Monday, April 6, 2015

Attempting to arise from the ashes ... or a zombie 4000 Plushie is hopefully reborn.

First off, I was able to obtain two new additions to the elevated fleet:

I was able to obtain a Q-Car Northwestern 280 motor and a 4000 series Plushie, both with Wagner power trucks. The Northwestern motor will be paired with the Northwestern trailer that I have while the Plushie will go into a 2 car all-Plushie train.

The other addition to the elevated fleet is what I am calling the 4000 zombie. This was a Q-Car Plushie that was given to me ... but with one small catch. The model had either been dropped (from a significant height) or stepped on / squashed.  When I received the model it was in three pieces: roof, one side, and one piece of the ends still attached to one side. It had been repaired at some point as both ends showed signs of breakage and having been squashed at some point as some pieces were missing or bent. It was also painted in the green and cream paint scheme.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the model in its original disassembled state.

But, I figured a free Plushie can't be turned away, so I figured in the Easter spirit I would try to resurrect the car.

The stripped shell. Lacquer thinner wouldn't touch the paint so Acetone was used.
Fortunately the acetone had no effect on the Q-Car glue joints. 

Evidence of the broken windows seen on the end.

Note the glue marks from the original repair.

The motorman's side window (next to the door) was skewed (evidence suggesting the model was either stepped on or had a large weight dropped on it) so I had to re-break this and attempt to reset it to a more vertical angle.

Once primed, the missing parts are more visible:

Missing window sash, door sash and top sashes to the end windows.
Also note the big crack in the window post. That is where I had to snap off
the post to set straighter.

The other end: more missing window sashes and heavy glue applications.

Using some styrene, I was able to recreate the missing parts and apply to filler to cover the gaps.

Sashes added and some gaps filled. The large crack looks better in person,
but I'll probably do another application of filler.

The other end, missing sashes added.

The rood was tweaked and a door broken.

I was also successful in drilling out the motorman's side window, which was very nerve racking as both sides were cracked and repaired near the bottom of this window. I thought the drilling and filing would re-break the ends, but I got lucky and was able to drill out the windows.

 Overall, I'm very happy with how this is turning out. I really thought the model was a lost cause. I didn't think it could be saved but I figured I had to try to make the best of it. This model will win no awards, but it has at least been saved to live another day. I may continue to fine tune the car or just let it be ... maybe it was in a wreck at some point? 

With these additions, I can muster a four car 4000 train ... if in theory only as this train certainly isn't going anywhere ...

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