Sunday, February 1, 2015

Urban Renewal ... Part Five

Work continues on the new building ... if now at a somewhat slower pace.

The back wall has been joined with the rest of the building.

And as will often happen with styrene, there was a slight bow in the front of the building. That has been corrected with the addition of some internal bracing.

Next up will be adding a chimney (already done, then skinning the inside of the walls (parapets?) on the roof. Then the whole building will be painted. I then will add the stone trim. I've found it easier to do this way ... makes it easier to add mortar.

In other projects, I finally started work on the stalled section of elevated structure that will complete a new leg of track.

This is a mix of cast resin girders along with strip and sheet styrene.This section will go on the far right of the structure in the below picture:

Here I am mocking up the curved section that will bring the two tracks back together. They split to allow a center island station.

This area of the basement room is not really a great spot for the layout as it is sandwiched in a small area next to the furnace and hot water heater. Add in a water softener (below the bench work) and this was supposed to just be an unscenicked section of track. But, I figured that a small island station of no particular prototype would fit.

Also, the 3D printing has been coming along. I have not given up on that. The next few posts will detail my efforts to improve and refine that process.

BUT.. a Baldie has been spotted "in the wild"! This is NOT my car, but rather Ed Halstead's ... 

If you don't already ... you MUST FOLLOW ED'S BLOG. It is linked on the right side in my list of blogs that I follow. Ed is a true master craftsman and his hints / tricks / techniques / methods are timeless and his knowledge of model building is amazing. If you ever THINK of building any traction model, a requirement would be to read Ed's blog in its entirety!

If you're too lazy to scroll over to the right, click on the following: Modeling Insull's Empire in O Scale

Stay tuned!

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