Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creature Comforts and a Corner Do-over

I think an important part of model railroading is making the layout room as enjoyable as possible. After all, one will spend a lot of time in this room.

To make my layout room more conducive to long work sessions,  a while ago I added a TV. This, in my humble opinion, is a must have. This is great for weekend afternoons ... all the sports can still be enjoyed while working on the layout.

One item that has been missing from my layout room (actually more of the furnace / storage room) has been computer / internet access. So, I added a small pull out shelf (I used a keyboard slide kit) to add a spot for a computer. This will be good for those "on the fly" internet searched. Now, no need to run to the main PC.

The shelf retracts under the layout when not in use, so it can stay out of the way. 

I've also never really been happy with what I call my "fuse box" curve. When I originally planned the layout, I never planned for this curve. But, as more track is always better, I did expand. So, knowing that nothing is sacred, I tore out some of the still in progress scenery and have started over.

I am adding a removable backdrop that will cover the fuse box. I'll probably use magnets to hold the panel in place. With this, I can pop the panel quickly off to access the fuse box. In addition, I've also added some sections of backdrop that hide the TV (yes, not the best backdrop but needed!) stand. I'll cover these with brick sheets for a better background.

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