Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grand Opening!

I am happy to announce the opening of "L" Stop Liquor and Food, open 24 hours for your convenience, selling all sorts of food and booze. Plus, of course, lottery tickets.

I am just happy to have finished up one of the new buildings. The track and structure have been put back in place. 

The other buildings are still being worked on. To the left, will be the Dill Pickle Delicatessen (the sign is just temporary at this point) and the Plymouth Hotel for transients (both lifted from the Blues Brothers, or Van Buren and Plymouth Court). To the right, I haven't decided on what business to put in. I may to a record store to pay homage to the old Wax Trax store on North Lincoln Ave.

Still, the CTA is happy to have leased the storefront under the tracks. The business owners don't seem to mind the rumbling of the trains overhead. So far, none of the bottles have fallen off of the shelf.

Also, I've started home renovations (fixing the cathedral ceiling) and fixing drywall. But, I must make time for modeling, keeps things fun.


  1. Looks good..... Too bad Curl Up & Dye wasn't adjacent to the l.......BTW I've seen your 4000s, did you come up with your paint formulas or are there common colors that work? Inquiring minds want to know.....

  2. I love a bit of urban theatre, a 24hr bottle shop (liquor store) that offers lotto tickets, love it, keep up the great work.

  3. it all makes so much sense now, I saw someone's 4000s on flickr and confused you with them.....silly me, love your layout and look forward to reading more awesomeness....

    Ben Rohling

  4. Terry

    Congratulations on the opening of the new very important package store. Hope they carry my favorite Coconut Flavored Rum.

    As usual everything really looks great. I am getting ready to start building my L as part of the South Shore layout along with the Western Maryland. I have saved all the advice you have given me over the last few years.

    I have 13 models to build. One Little Joe brass kit and 12 South Shore cars (Russ Briggs kits) to build. Sure am glad I have a resistence soldering outfit with all the soldering I have to do.

    Anyway it all looks great. And the videos are a great way to share your work.

    Did you get all the home projects done?

    Jay Beckham