Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to build L structure - new station - part 3

I finally finished the columns that hold up the station platform girders. Those have been attached to the structure. To add a little strength, I've added some diagonal bracing made out of .040" styrene.

I then add the flanges for the cross girders. These are added at this time as I overlap the top of the columns with the top flange. I can then add the flanges for the long track girders.

I then cut the MDF to make the girders that will support the platforms. In the first couple of pictures I just have them laying on their side. They obviously will be installed vertically.

I still have to add the vertical stiffeners to these girders, but at least they are cut.

The wooden decking with be placed on these girders. As with my other station's platform, the support beams will be made of basswood and the actual decking of the platform will be Evergreen V-grove siding.

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